Offering a range of Pilates-based movement classes, delivered in a group setting. Discover the power of Pilates-based Matwork where infinite possibilities are opened up just by using simple Pilates apparatus (such as foam rollers and balls) and your own body weight.

During a session, you will be carefully and expertly guided through key techniques, core engagement and strengthening exercises that are the foundation of Pilates. With the assistance of specialised equipment or apparatus, you will also be offered a range of graduated, finely tuned exercises that will enhance safe, stable, integrated movement and will see you progress to better overall health, strength, body awareness and confidence.  Pilates is an effective, accessible and balanced movement & core strength training that will complement and enhance your daily life, rehab/prehab, sports performance or pre/post natal journey.

Sessions running on the Bellarine Peninsula at the Queenscliff Neighborhood House

For further information on classes offered – go to CLASS Types.


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