Low Back Pain – What Pilates Movement professionals have always known!

Enjoyed listening to ‘New treatment offers hope for people with chronic back pain’ on RN today – confirming everything that we, as Pilates Movement professionals have known all along and have been putting into practise: keep your body moving, don’t brace and immobilise your back! Good quality, mindful movement in many directions is the key, along with education and empowering the patient to take on their own self care… physios listen up, this is going to require more quality ongoing time with patients, building their movement confidence and resilience! Great reading! https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/breakfast/new-treatment-offers-hope-for-people-with-chronic-back-pain/102294734

Classes kick-off for 2023!!

Very happy to be offering two open level classes Monday and Wednesday mornings at Queenscliff Neigborhood House. Also looking forward to welcoming mums and their bubs on Mondays at 10.30am!

Don’t delay, book now as spots are limited!

OPEN LEVEL – Beginners welcome!

Mondays 9.15-10.15am  and Wednesdays 9am
Queenscliff Neighborhood House
Tobin Drive, Queenscliff

Book Here for Monday mornings during Term 1, 2023

Book Here for Wednesday mornings during Term 1, 2023

NEW! Mums and Bubs classes starting in 2023  – Mondays at 10.30-11.15am

Book Here for Mums n Bubs, Monday mornings during Term 1, 2023 


FREE Introductory Workshop for Beginners!

Monday 11th of October 2021, 11-12pm
Queenscliff Neighborhood House
5 Tobin Drive, Queenscliff

Exciting times as I look forward to and plan to deliver a FREE Intro Workshop, Monday 11th of October 11-12pm, open to all levels in the beautiful location of Queenscliff!!

Can’t wait to share the wonders and magic of the world of Pilates with a whole new group of soon-to-be Pilates enthusiasts…!! 

On Meditation

Gemstones_enhancedWhy meditate? To deepen your mind-body connection, learn to relax more easily, reduce stress, manage your emotions? Or perhaps it’s to appease our curiosity about the health benefits of meditation? Is it the spiritual aspect of meditation arising from various cultures and religions, in particular the practice of mindfulness and compassion that originate from the Buddhist tradition and have a basis in meditation that interests you?

We seem to have many ways to deal with and healing the visible manifestations of disease in the body but not much that deals with the mind and meditation is an easily available way of giving ourselves a ‘mini holiday’ or a ‘mental massage’.

Meditation techniques can be used in situations where there may not be the ‘right meditation setting’, assisting us to enter a calm state just by being aware of being distressed or upset and being able to step back, do a short spot meditation or taking a few deep breaths, giving us a moment to put the situation we are being presented with into perspective, by diffusing its immediate impacts. In this way, simple meditation techniques can deeply transform our reactivity to external events in life and to ourselves, thus counterracting the cumulative effects that stress can potentially have on our bodies, including pain and disease.

Meditation may assist us in becoming more aware of internal thoughts and conversations. Are the same thoughts repeating themselves over and over? What is the tone of our internal conversations? Is it negative, self-defeating and judgmental or is it accepting, comforting and soothing? Am I able to see the conversation for what it is? Be with it, see it and then let it pass over me, potentially taking myself out of one state of being (e.g. depressed, angry, confused, distracted), into another, for example to comfort, acceptance, joy or simply a feeling of calm.

Meditation teaches us to look at what is – here and now. It helps us to focus on the present and not ‘what might be’ in the future, allowing for less wastage of emotional energy, worry and preoccupation, to let go of things that one has no control over, to give time and space for unexplored thoughts and emotions to arise, be dealt with and bloom – a beautiful and liberating feeling!

As a practitioner and therapist in mind-body connection, I strongly believe we can use and sometimes adapt  meditation techniques to enhance physical explorations to ‘come out of your mind and into your body’. Being ‘in the moment’ and connecting to one’s body during a Pilates session, for example, can lead to improved and accelerated results in reaching the objectives of the programme whether it be strengthening the body, balancing it or releasing and letting go. It’s almost as though the focus (one of the key principles in Pilates movement therapy) allows for better communication along neuromuscular pathways and the body thanks us for this attention by responding in amazing ways.

Many jobs are very ‘cerebral’, demanding intense ‘brain’ energy, leading to a loss of body connection and awareness. Our busy lifestyles can lead us to being in a constant mild ‘sympathetic’ (fight of flight response) state, which leads to mind-body exhaustion and energy depletion. Learning to become aware of the breath or focusing on the body, as in some meditation techniques, can facilitate a connection with the body and enhance the experience of muscles or organs ‘letting go’ (of blocked energy or tightness), re-setting and re-balancing of the body. Have you got a space for this in your life? When do you give yourself the opportunity to feel the positive effects of embodying meditation and breath in movement? Taking some time to take yourself into a parasympathetic state can be restorative, refreshing and sometimes even enlightening!

After a number of years of meditating, the cumulative effect has been to open up a whole new world to me, helping me to change my perspective on myself, life and relationships in general. The positive effects of a ‘meditative approach to life’ eventually pervades all of life and ‘just being’ leads to a calmer state, with a number of positive ripple effects.

All human beings will experience unstable, uncertain and confusing times in their lives. Meditation can be a means of getting back to home base, to one’s inner wisdom, balance and trust.  Meditation can be seen as an anchor to be relied upon to bring a sense of calm, simplicity and clarity. It can also create ‘higher states of being’ both spiritually and emotionally as well as diminish or remove physical pain.

As a very personal and subjective practise, it is good to know that there are many different ways to approach and experience meditation, including different techniques that suit different individuals or settings. It is certainly not a ‘one size fits all’. Meditation is not a competition or a race and it does not require ‘proving oneself’ or being ‘successful’ at it.

My aim is to make meditation accessible and practical, an experience that can be enjoyed by all, particularly those with busy, urban lives. Come on the journey to greater mind-body awareness.

Private at Home Sessions


Stay in the comfort of your own home, while we work through a personalised programme to suit your needs. I have over 15+ year’s Pilates Teaching experience across a range of Pilates styles, such as Group mat, Reformer, Clinical/Studio, Barre, Pre and Post natal and rehab. I have a passion for taking clients through their fitness or rehab journey using the wide and varied possibilities that Pilates can offer. I will work with you to fit in with your schedule and create your own personalised programme, targeting your specific needs.

Having a good basic understanding of Pilates principles, foundational exercises and body awareness will set you up for success if you intend participate in large group sessions such as Group Mat classes, Group Reformer (e.g. KX Reformer Pilates), Barre, etc. This is a great investment for anyone starting out on their Pilates journey, coming back to exercise after pregnancy or injury, or simply just want to work in the comfort and privacy of your own home at your own pace.

Discounted trial and starter packs available. I will provide a range of equipment and apparatus as the programme requires. Available Mondays and Tuesdays 9.30am-5pm. For more information check out Prices – Discounted rates available as part of an Introductory Trial Pack or as part of a pack of 5 or 10 paid for upfront.

Pre Natal Classes starting 17th Feb

Come and join a 6 week pre natal course starting on 17th of February  2018 at Northside Pilates in High Street, Northcote! If you or someone you know is expecting then this is a fantastic and safe exercise option for staying strong, balanced and moving during pregnancy… Spots filling fast, book now! I am looking forward to meeting you and your bump! See you there!
For more information and to book: http://www.northsidepilates.com.au/pregnancy.html


Bodies in Spiralling Motion!

It is fascinating, the way the body is made of countless systems, layers and movement possibilities. We aim to keep them all functioning well through a healthy balance of diet, sleep, lifestyle and of course movement! It is so important to provide it with a range of movement options, whether it’s through athletic or creative performance or an everyday commute by foot or by bike to work. The concept of moving through ‘spirals’ and ‘spiral lines’ opens up the possibilities available to each joint and muscle . This is our body moving in a more natural way – through beautifully orchestrated chains of muscles, continuous with each other via tendons and fascia; spiralling lines initiated by the unique shape of our bones and running from head to toe, in an uninterrupted flow. In this week’s Pilates Mat Class, we will be getting a taste of this,  moving through spirals and body ‘slings’, to awaken a ‘juicy’ flow of energy throughout our body, trying different ‘angles’ and circularities of motion that leads to increased vibrancy and health. Looking forward to seeing you there!!

New Venue and New Class Format

elk_roomshot_2Exciting times ahead – from next week, classes begin in a beautiful new venue: Elk Wellbeing, upstairs at 282A Queen’s Parade, Fitzroy North.

I will be running a special FREE Open level Pilates session on Thursday 2nd of March from 7-8pm, so you can come and check out the new space and see for yourself. The Open level class is suitable for beginners through to more experienced movers.

The FREE Launch class is at 7pm, Thursday 2nd of March and all subsequent classes will be run on Wednesdays at 7pm.

Please book your spot by clicking on the ‘Book Now’ header of the website, the Facebook Page: timeandspaceforme and hit the ‘Book Now’ button or go straight to Book Online Here.

If you have any questions please contact me direct via email: connect@timeandspace.me

Look forward to seeing you there!