What is pilates?

The ‘Pilates Method’ is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, which over the years has gained mainstream popularity and success in its application in many areas of sports performance, strength, balance, rehab/prehab and mind body approaches to health and wellbeing. It strengthens and tones muscles, improves posture, flexibility and balance, with an ongoing focus on building our balance and strength from the inside out. It is also a great way to ‘prehab’ as a form of injury prevention.

Group Matwork with the optional use of small apparatus (e.g. balls, bands, weights) allows you to experience a comprehensive Pilates workout in an easy and accessible way. With ongoing attendance, you may experience:
– Increased core strength
– Learn and embody a strong foundation of Pilates movement technique, for improved body awarenes and posture
– Reduced back and neck pain
– Injury prevention (‘pre-hab’)
– Increased flexibility
– Increased balance & resilience

Clinical (Studio) Pilates is a personalised approach to your individual needs whether it’s rehab, fitness, strengthening, postural alignment, pain management or general overall well being and ease of movement. These classes are taught in a private or ‘semi private’ setting, where you will be placed in a group of a maximum of two clients. You will be carefully guided through a structured body awareness, strengthening and mobilisation program suitable to your needs and objectives. The versatility of the Pilates equipment combined with your instructor’s many years of knowledge, skill and experience opens up opportunities for integrated body strengthening, pain relief, safe, easy movement and general increased mind-body awareness.

Pre or Post natal Pilates is also available within a small group setting or as a private or semi private session. A key focus in Prenatal classes is to build body awareness specific to the changes that your body is going through, learn and apply useful techniques to support you through pregnancy and labour (e.g. breathing, pelvic floor activation), prevent common pregnancy issues such as low back pain and pelvic instability and keep you strong so you can prepare your body for the best possible birthing experience, recovery and ongoing care of your newborn. For more information on exercise during pregnancy have a look at Sports Medicine Australia’s Position Statement. Also, you can find more information on Pelvic floor training in Pregnancy here.

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