Welcome to Time & Space – where the goal is a more Conscious Mind-Body!

Living more consciously is key to all of our health and wellbeing, both as individuals and within our communities. The word conscious embodies much of what I believe, teach and share and I do this through my work as a Pilates Specialist, Meditation Teacher and Massage Therapist. The wholistic approach to mind-body connection and integration is enhanced by borrowing froma few different movement modalities, including somatic movement and an application of the knowledge of fascial meridiens.

Our bodies have an innate power to heal that is often left untapped, whether in our subconscious or ‘unlearnt’ due to social conditioning or our rushed every day lives and habits.

Let me take you on the journey that will access body intelligence and greater Mind-Body consciousness, to bring about positive change, healing, balance and a greater awareness of ourselves in the world.


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