Bodies in Spiralling Motion!

It is fascinating, the way the body is made of countless systems, layers and movement possibilities. We aim to keep them all functioning well through a healthy balance of diet, sleep, lifestyle and of course movement! It is so important to provide it with a range of movement options, whether it’s through athletic or creative performance or an everyday commute by foot or by bike to work. The concept of moving through ‘spirals’ and ‘spiral lines’ opens up the possibilities available to each joint and muscle . This is our body moving in a more natural way – through beautifully orchestrated chains of muscles, continuous with each other via tendons and fascia; spiralling lines initiated by the unique shape of our bones and running from head to toe, in an uninterrupted flow. In this week’s Pilates Mat Class, we will be getting a taste of this,  moving through spirals and body ‘slings’, to awaken a ‘juicy’ flow of energy throughout our body, trying different ‘angles’ and circularities of motion that leads to increased vibrancy and health. Looking forward to seeing you there!!

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