Professional credentials

The more I learn about the body and about how human beings move and exist in the world, the more I realise how utterly amazing our whole body system is. It’s this never ending curiosity about the body that has led me to many different inspiring teachers, sent me almost broke and well and truly confirms my ‘education junkie’ status! Over the years, I am proud to say I have learnt from some of the best in the industry.

Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy
Australian Pilates Method Association
Level 2 Teacher, APMA

Certificate IV in Massage Therapy
Southern School of Natural Therapies
Member AAMT

Meditation Teacher
Melbourne Meditation Centre

Some highlights of my ongoing professional development:


  • Tensegrity in the Body, by Tom Myers,  Anatomy Trains
  • Slings & Fascia, by Sarah Grimshaw, APMA
  • Sitting is the New Smoking & Pilates as the Pill for Chronic Pain, by Brent Anderson, CEO of Polestar
  • Springboard Repertoire, Neil Nabbefeld, APMA


  • Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy (69802), APMA
  • Contemporary Pilates & Slings in Motion,  by Karin Sharp-Gurtner of Art in Motion, Perth
  • Chakra Foam Roller, by James d’Silva of The Garuda Studio, London


  • Body Maestro – Barre Attack Instructor Training, Body Maestro
  • Thoracic Repertoire and Cueing, APMA


  • Pre /Post Natal Pilates, APMa
  • Most Successful Rehabilitation Concepts, InSync/Active Anatomy
  • Pilates Props – Foam Roller Repertoire Workshop (Art of Motion, Perth)
  • Meditation Teacher Training (Melbourne Meditation Centre, Northcote)
  • Shoulder Rehabilitation, APMA

2008 APMA – 2nd Biannual Conference

2008 – Balance & Control Pilates (Teacher Training Workshops)
Franklin Method Teacher Training

2006-2010: APMA Level 2 Pilates Teacher Training