Get your Foundations Right – on the Mat

Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel…. Space-age machines? The latest craze in interior design? Are you really ready for Clinical/Studio Pilates? These are some of the pieces of ‘Equipment’ you would generally find in a typical Pilates Studio and they all enhance and support clients in achieving their strengthening, rehabilitation or health and wellbeing goals.

But this is only one aspect of the world of Pilates.

Mat Pilates can be a very powerful way of getting your technique and foundations right. It is an ideal way to prepare for work on equipment in a studio (or attending group Reformer classes such as ‘KX Pilates’ or ‘Barre’ classes) , especially if you are a beginner, recovering from injury or starting a new exercise programme. Mat Pilates will provide you with a good understanding of technique, while at the same time give you a challenging workout and provide you with the right body awareness and foundations to progress to equipment.

I have often seen clients who have come to a Pilates studio for the first time and been given a programme that included almost exclusively working on equipment. This approach can sometimes be detrimental to a client who is a complete beginner or who is trying to regain strength after injury. This is due to the fact that often not enough time has been spent learning the correct techniques of ‘core activation’, breathing, neutral spine and postural awareness. Sometimes getting on Pilates equipment without learning and ’embodying’ these techniques can actually make them worse and clients are likely not to get the benefits of working on equipment as quickly as they could, if they had mastered their bodies through matwork.

I have also seen too many clients who have spent many years and money working on programmes that are almost fully centred around equipment and are still unaware of the basics of Pilates technique! They are surprised when I ask them to work in ‘neutral spine’ or work with the ‘Pilates breath’… naturally these clients end up feeling like they are not progressing and feel frustrated. What a waste!

Pilates work on the mat, with simple props such as the magic circle, a theraband, free weights, a foam roller, fitball and various size and weights of soft balls can provide an immense variety of exercises for all levels of Pilates expertise. Mat Pilates will give you a strong foundation for your Pilates journey as well provide you with great body awareness, strength and flexibility! Yes, a good mat pilates class can do all of this and more for you!

My first love is Mat Pilates and I have witnessed amazing transformation of clients just through doing Mat Pilates. Book a Mat Pilates session with me now and start to make friends with your new body!