How is your Body ‘unfurling’ into Spring?


I had the good fortune today to take a stroll through our very own Botanical Gardens and was inspired by the sight of the beautiful ferns in Fern Gully – with their tightly rolled, baby tendrils – ready to burst forth and their majestic wide open delicate shady leaves – they seemed to me to be the perfect metaphor for the work we do in our Myofascial Movement classes. This is where we get the opportunity to work on expanding, re-awakening and stretching out our limbs and joints following a long, cold winter where our bodies have tightened up, into forward-folded versions of themselves. We give our joints the chance to gently open up to counteract all the long hours we may have spent sitting, keeping warm or simply in our forward ‘moulded’ positions working our electronic devices. The tendril is the perfect metaphor for a body that is ready to unfurl itself, slowly, segmentally and then completely into the delicate wide open web that is the fully formed leaf.

Give your body this opportunity at one of two Myofascial Moves classes being offered every week at Time & Space Studio! All good movement includes release before re-connecting and strengthening! Your body will definitely thank you!

This week, we are focusing on ‘Head to Toe, Toe to Head’ – we will be loosening up the body from the feet upwards and from the head downwards, passing through the spine and even the small muscular attachments to your skull!

During November we will be focusing on Hips and Thoracic (ribcage). Tight hips are a very common problem area, affecting gait, knees and even down the chain to your feet – we will be focusing on these at our Tuesday night classes. Did you know that as we grow older we lose flexibility through our Thoracic spine? This can affect neck and shoulder posture, breathing as well lower back. Come along to Thursday classes to focus on Thoracic release work.

Launch PRICES are available for one more week –ending Monday 31st of October.

I hope you can take advantage of this offer and I look forward to seeing in the studio soon!

If you have any questions or would like to know more contact me direct at:

Alternatively, if you are ready to go, then BOOK NOW


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