Breathe to Move, Connect and Renew


How often during a given day do you re-connect to your breathing?

During a Pilates and Myofascial Movement class we take the time to learn to re-connect with the breath in a way that relaxes the Central Nervous System, allowing the body-mind to enter into the best state possible to enhance fluid, conscious and effective movement – the best state to be in for transformation and the creation of new neuro-muscular connections. The ‘Pilates style’ of ‘latero-thoracic’ breathing aims to more efficiently and fully use lungs, diaphragm and ribcage to get the most out of the exercises and our core strengthening work. This can result in us feeling stronger, more resilient and having more energy overall. In our Myofascial sessions we use the breath to help us work through trigger point work and stretches.

I don’t want you to miss out on experiencing the magic of this, so I have put together a few more special offers to help motivate you and get you on your way…

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  • New Intro offer for new clients – 2 weeks unlimited classes for only $20
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